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Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of mining stereotypes for a cheap laugh, but I honestly don’t understand the double standard of sexual prowess. 

If you whine, tell an anecdote, or make a joke about how terrible men are at sex, you get plenty of support. But if you say anything like that about women, people either think you’re a scumbag or you’re lying to seem good in bed.

I’m sorry, but when a girl gets on top of me, even my smile is fake. It’s like telling your five year old nephew that his drawing rocks. Maybe I need to quit white women.

Mixed Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows us how out of touch film critics are.

The internet is exploding with reactions to the wall crawler’s new film, but anyone watching closely will notice a strange contradiction; The film was a rousing success among fans, but it is being beaten beyond recognition by critics. A very appropriate phrase to use, because having seen the movie twice, I do NOT recognize the film described by professional reviews. 

I saw a well paced, well acted, aesthetically beautiful, heartfelt superhero flick. Every Spider-Man fan I’ve discussed the film with, moderate or hardcore, was absolutely in love with it. So why all the critic hate? 

I may have an explanation. It seems lately that critics have been reviewing movies based on what they WANT them to be, not what they ARE. Not every superhero movie will be the Dark Knight, or the Avengers. This is not the perfect movie, but it is very nearly the perfect Spider-Man movie.

So please, true believers, remove sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic from your bookmarks bar. See movies yourself and judge them without bias. And see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

But… (((((((((((SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!))))))))))

…Bring a box of tissues. 

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